Crappy Webcam pic


A friend came over this weekend and decided to do a little photo shoot.

Heres the first of the batch shes let me see so far.

Crappy Webcam pic

Random H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator

The blackness about the recording

It was some spider related to an Elder Sign, but now I had no choice but to accept the fact that a blasphemous color was indeed lazily bohemian as well as feverishly college-educated! For example, an earth-threatening book indicates that a monstrosity brainwashed a surly tripod. Like a lazily non-chalantly iridescent a secretly dripping paralysis they unwittingly bestowed great honor upon township, some smelly, but others ostensibly or lazily formed an uncomfortable alliance with the particle. When a secret living inside the crane ruminates, a blood clot prays. When you see the legend around the thing, it means that an amphibian rock procrastinates. A recording out of the manuscript accurately seekd the horrible spider. Like a hesitantly half-hidden a smelly arch they negotiated with spirit, some seldom twisted, but others wisely or non-chalantly bartered an ancestral vapour in exchange for the modern scythe. When a febrile viper laughs like a man insane, the tripod living inside the knowledge dreams. It was another polygon, but now I had no choice but to accept the fact that an engine around the inferiority was indeed reptilian-looking as well as almost usually furtive! It took no febrile hole to make me secretly derive perverse pleasure from another fascination living inside a lantern, but the single-handledly cosmic engine was antiquarian. Indeed, the frustrating anomaly of an organism toward some blackness was exceedingly strange. A note beyond a lantern bestowed great honor upon the history toward a demon. Sometimes an ancestral insanity hesitates, but soon I was to find that a case always evicerated a dripping fire! Another canyon frantically bartered a tomb in exchange for an outer terror, because a squid sucked the life from some moldy brain. Like a non-chalantly subconscious the existence about a scout they shared its power with tome, some stoic, but others secretly or inexorably fainted at the very thought of a doorstep. Remembering the foreign bulb of a coin, I prostated myself before the wheel of the a lover behind a globule that stood before me. Indeed, the cylindrical death of some impossible cloud formation was salty.